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This changes everything

Rejuvenation is now Science Fact

Nuchido is translating the latest scientific advances in ageing research into revolutionary new products that slow, and even reverse, the signs and processes of ageing.

Our science-based products don’t fight against nature but revive your body’s natural ability for self-repair to maintain youthful looks, vitality and health.

The pioneering work of Nuchido Laboratories is supported by an internationally renowned Scientific Advisory Board. We aim to launch our first proven rejuvenation products in Spring 2019.

  • Scientific understanding of ageing has made enormous strides in the last two years. Four breakthroughs showing real rejuvenation from prestigious research institutions have recently been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • The pace of these new discoveries is far ahead of public awareness. Rejuvenation is now science fact - this changes everything.
  • Nuchido's mission is to translate these advances into new products that help our bodies revive natural processes of self-repair.
  • In a world first, one of our projects has delivered the largest enhancement so far reported in humans of a key age-related molecule, increasing it back to a level corresponding to a person 30 years younger.
  • This result relates to NAD+, a natural substance that all living cells depend on to repair themselves and function correctly. When we’re young, levels of NAD+ are very high. But as we age availability of NAD+ in our bodies drops by 50% every 20 years, meaning there isn’t enough to maintain youthful looks, energy and health.
  • Restoring NAD+ back to youthful levels stimulates rejuvenation. Achieving this in people is the problem that Nuchido has solved. Our safe and clinically tested products are now being formulated in our laboratories for launch in Spring 2019.
  • Our goal is to achieve similar success with other causes of ageing and create further products that make rejuvenation accessible to everyone.

Nuchido People


nichola conlon

Dr Nichola Conlon

Co-Founder & CEO

Nichola is a molecular biologist specialising in the study of ageing as a biologically complex disorder. She received her PhD in Physiology from Newcastle University, home to the largest institute for ageing

research in Europe. Nichola took her specific expertise in the molecular biology of drug transport and distribution in the body to e-Therapeutics plc, the network pharmacology pioneers, where she worked in early stage drug discovery. She has worked in industry identifying opportunities for new drug development and is also a trained cosmetic scientist registered with the CTPA accredited Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

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Scientific Advisory Board

tom kirkwood

Professor Tom Kirkwood

Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Tom is one of the world’s most influential biogerontologists. He was Professor of Medicine at Newcastle, Director of the Institute for Ageing and Health and Associate Dean for Ageing. He was the UK’s first Professor of Biological Gerontology, at the University of Manchester.

He chaired the UK Foresight Task Force on ‘Healthcare and Older People’, was Specialist Adviser to the House of Lords Science & Technology Select Committee inquiry into ‘scientific aspects of ageing’ and has served on the Councils of BBSRC and the Academy of Medical Sciences. He gave the BBC Reith Lectures on the subject of Ageing in 2001.

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