What is NAD+ and how to boost it?

While we cannot stop time, studies now show that we can have much more control over how we age. Multiple lifestyle practices have been identified which can help keep you younger, for longer. One of the most beneficial things we can do is to increase levels of a natural molecule in your cells called NAD+. Read the article below to learn more about why you should increase your NAD+ levels and the variety of ways you can do this, including lifestyle habits and NAD+ supplements.


NAD+ and cellular aging

Science shows that NAD+ is critical to supporting your cellular health. NAD+ is vital for energy production and switching on cellular maintenance and repair pathways.

Unfortunately, this natural molecule, which is found in every cell in your body declines with age, contributing to the signs of aging we see and feel such as a reduction in physical and mental energy, slower recovery and accelerated aging.


The important roles of NAD+

Energy Production

Within your cells are millions of mitochondria, often termed the ‘powerhouses of the cell’ they convert the food you eat into the cellular energy you need to function. NAD+ is critical for these energy production pathways in the mitochondria.

With age the mitochondria become damaged and don’t function as well, and when combined with the decline in NAD+, your cells cannot produce the same energy from the food you eat.

NAD+ also activates the pathways which repair and protect the mitochondria so they can function optimally and produce all the energy you require.



The level of NAD+ in your body naturally fluctuates throughout the day. This is because NAD+ production is linked to your circadian rhythm. This internal body clock accounts for more than just your sleep/wake cycle helping to control many important biological functions.

Research shows that your circadian rhythm is altered during aging which contributes to the declining NAD+ levels. Interestingly, NAD+ has also been shown to help regulate the circadian rhythm so ensuring you get sufficient restorative sleep, and your cells have optimal NAD+ can help support a functional circadian rhythm.


Repairing Cellular Damage

DNA is the instruction manual for your cells. However, DNA is continuously being damaged by UV radiation from the sun, alcohol, pollution, smoking and even just breathing. Fortunately, cells have efficient DNA repair mechanisms, many of which require NAD+.


NAD+ decline

NAD+ levels naturally decline by 50% every 20 years. However, lifestyle factors greatly influence the rate of decline. Those who have a healthy balanced diet, get regular exercise, sleep well, don’t smoke or drink excessively have much higher NAD+ levels than those of the same age who do not follow these lifestyle practices.


Boost your NAD+

Many studies show there are numerous benefits to increasing your NAD+ levels such as:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Supporting brain function
  • Supporting muscle strength
  • Supporting cellular defence
  • Supporting DNA health


So, what can you implement in your routine to increase your NAD+ levels?


Exercise and Fasting

Exercise is one of the best-known tools for aging well and increasing your NAD+ levels. Exercise has a multitude of benefits for various aspects of health, but one of the most important is the increase in NAD+ it stimulates.

Exercise creates energy stress within cells, this is a beneficial type of stress which activates vital repair pathways. During exercise muscles signal that they need more energy and this stress increases NAD+ production (as NAD+ is critical to energy production in the mitochondria) to keep up with the energy demand.

Fasting has also become very popular for its health benefits. Fasting also increases NAD+ by creating energy stress. When no external energy (food) is put into your body, cells enhance their own energy production pathways which require NAD+.


Whole-System Supplementation

While lifestyle habits can vastly improve NAD+ levels, a dietary supplement that boost NAD+ can also be used. For those who want to incorporate supplements it is important to look for those which fix the underlying reasons why NAD+ declines in the first place.

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