As scientists, we now understand why NAD+ declines with age, and we know how to fix these issues so that we can restore NAD+ levels.

NAD+ levels decline because there is:

  • A decrease in NAD+ production - youthful NAD+ production and recycling pathways get switched off during aging
  • An increase in NAD+ consumption - older cells consume and waste more NAD+

This combination leaves critical cellular health pathways without sufficient NAD+.

You need to restore NAD+ levels to support your cellular health.


In youthful cells, NAD+ is continuously used and recycled via the Salvage Pathway

Ensuring cells have an adequate supply of NAD+, so they can produce cellular energy and repair any damage

In older cells, NAD+ is wasted and cannot be recycled

This is largely due to the reduced expression of NAMPT, the enzyme that powers the Salvage Pathway

Increased expression of the inflamamtory molecule CD38 means less NAD+ is available for cellular health pathways

Collectively, the NAD+ deficit drives cellular aging

Nuchido TIME+ activates the NAD+ recycling pathway by activating NAMPT

Restoring the cell's natural ability to produce and recycle NAD+

Nuchido TIME+ also inhibits CD38 ensuring NAD+ is available for beneficial pathways

While the biology is complex, years of scientific research have established the precise steps in the NAD+ production pathway that must be fixed in order to miantain or increase NAD+ levels

Nuchido TIME+
is the result of this research, providing the cell with a combination of ingredients that have been proven to:
Increase the cell’s ability to make and recycle NAD+
Increase the raw, precursor material available to the cell for making NAD+
Reduce wastage of NAD+ so it can power cellular health pathways
By going beyond simple precursor ingredients, Nuchido TIME+ switches back on your cell's own NAD+ production pathways


Nuchido TIME+ addresses the causes of NAD+ decline, by re-activating the the Salvage Pathway, which is the main source of cellular NAD+
This whole-system approach goes beyond precursor supplements
Used in isolation precursor supplements can cause further dysfunction to the NAD+ network

Everything we do at Nuchido Laboratories is rooted in science. That is why we have conducted a human clinical trial with Nuchido TIME+ (which many supplements do not).

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