At Nuchido Laboratories we are "systems pharmacologists". Simply, we approach the body’s many challenges with multi-targeted solutions that address the underlying biological complexity that is required for healing and repair to succeed. We translate scientific advancements into simple and effective products for broad consumer use.

Our proprietary Whole-System technology is unique in the field of NAD+, resulting in the most effective of all NAD+ boosting therapies.

NAD+ levels were measured in the blood cells of human volunteers before, during and after taking Nuchido TIME+ for 16 days.
Our breakthrough “Whole-System” approach to resetting the clock has been clinically proven to increase NAD+ levels by 242% (on average), an unmatched restoration to youthful levels.
Additional studies are currently underway to identify other ways our formula boosts NAD+ levels.

*Published average value for NAD+ uplift with Nicotinamide Riboside the active ingredient in competitor products (Martens, C.R. et al. (2018) Nat. Commun 9(1):1286


We currently have a 28-person placebo controlled double-blinded cross over study in progress.
Male and female participants aged between 20-80 consumed Nuchido TIME+ and placebo capsules for
4-weeks at a time, with a 4-week washout period in between.
All clinical samples have now been collected and detailed lab analysis is underway,
including NAD+ levels, NAD+ metabolite levels and downstream effects of high NAD+ levels.


Nuchido TIME+, has translated the latest discoveries in aging research into a consumer product that is clinically proven to increase NAD+ by up to 242%, four times more than any other supplement available on the market.

To understand how we do this, read on...

In order to maximize NAD+ levels, we need to think of the cell as an NAD+ factory. The cell factory uses raw materials or “precursors” (like NR or NMN) to manufacture valuable NAD+
As we age, the cell factory does too. Production becomes less efficient and NAD+ declines.
Most NAD+ supplements try to help by delivering more “raw materials” to the cell factory like NR or NMN
This doesn’t help when the cell factory is in disrepair, and can actually cause more harm.
Our patented “WHOLE-SYSTEM”
formula delivers both essential
precursors and repairs
the cell factory
In short, Nuchido TIME+ does not only supply cells with the raw materials to make NAD+, but also repairs the aging cells themselves, so they can effectively produce and recycle NAD+ like they did when they were young.