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"NAD+ is honestly curing my brain fog, waking up my skin and improving my energy levels and general performance."


G. Sommerville



I am simply thrilled, my strength and endurance have increased, I recover faster between sets, the muscle pain after the training sessions is reduced and also gone much faster.

I feel an energy boost that I had not thought possible, deeper sleep, reduced sensitivity to cold, longer endurance, faster regeneration, improved metabolism, improved weight control. My metabolism and energy levels feel like they did 30 years ago.

Improvements in the appearance of the skin are recognisable, smaller wrinkles on my forehead have almost completely disappeared. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but my hair is slowly starting to darken (white hair is turning light grey and light grey is turning dark grey)."

E. Rapp


"I have to say I see a big difference when I take Nuchido and when I don't take it, and I live a healthy lifestyle! It's pretty scary to admit being honest."

S. Guveli


"I train 4-5 times a week and noticed that my recovery has improved together with a small improvement in scores, times etc. Can't attribute this to anything else other than Nuchido TIME+ as all other routines have remained the same."

P. Davis



"I am sleeping better (proven by my tracker and better HRV), feel refreshed instead of sluggish, clear mind and improved stamina when I exercise."


A. Jara



“I have felt an increase in energy, my skin looks and feels brighter, and I have an overall sense of wellbeing.”

N. Mellon



"I just wanted to report on my first month of using Nuchido TIME+. Very positive - energy levels good, cognitive performance noticeably improved especially concentration, creativity, short term memory, reaction speed, also some health benefits including lower inflammation (join pain in right hip almost completely gone) and some minor skin issues cleared up."

D. Young

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