Here is the uncomfortable truth... After your DNA is passed on through reproduction, from an evolutionary perspective your body ceases to be useful. In the most basic terms, we are born, develop, procreate, then expire.
However, this natural cycle has been altered. We are all living longer than ever because of modern medicine and the widespread availability of enhanced nutrition.
So the question arises - how are we to reap the optimal benefits of this extended lifespan? How can we continue to create, to contribute, to inspire, to thrive well into these gifted decades?
The scientific answer lies in NAD+.

NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It's a natural molecule found in every single cell in your body.

It has two functions:

1. Chief energy metabolist: We depend on NAD+ to convert the nutrients in our food into cellular energy

2.Cellular conductor: NAD+ is a molecule that switches repair and maintenance processes on and off. More NAD+, more repair. Less NAD+, less repair.

In fact, if all the NAD+ were to leave your body at once, you’d be gone in about 30 seconds.

As we age, levels of this valuable molecule drop, dragging our vitality down too.
In other words, as NAD+ decreases, energy declines. Cellular maintenance and repair decline. Cellular damage increases, leading to the symptoms of aging - decreased energy, damaged tissue, loss of optimal brain function, loss of physical ability and fitness.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that boosting NAD+ results in the reversal of age-related damage and a return to a youthful state. Recent scientific breakthroughs now suggest that maintaining high levels of NAD+ is one of the most effective ways for us to combat aging.


As our cells use NAD+ it is converted into a waste product called nicotinamide, which is then recycled back into fresh NAD+ by the cell. When this recycling process works with youthful efficiency it makes all of the NAD+ our cells need to stay healthy. Older cells do not have the recycling capacity they once did, so over time our levels of NAD+ decrease as cells struggle to recycle nicotinamide back into NAD+. To elevate cellular NAD+ to levels high enough to re-start natural self-repair it is critical to restore the efficiency of our cells to produce and recycle their own NAD+.

In other words, we need a WHOLE-SYSTEM™ approach