The decline of NAD+ as we age can be attributed to the
breakdown of several important cellular processes.
Nuchido TIME+ is carefully formulated to maintain these cellular processes and support the cells’ natural ability to make NAD+ at youthful levels.

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NAD+ cannot be obtained from our diet. It must be made within our cells. Nicotinamide (a form of niacin) is one of the raw materials that the body uses to make NAD+. It is sometimes referred to as an “NAD+ precursor”. Nuchido TIME+ contains nicotinamide to give our cells an adequate supply of the raw material they need to manufacture NAD+.
Added benefits /
- Some forms of niacin (such as nicotinic acid) cause a “flushing” reaction. Nicotinamide does not cause this reaction.

The dried flowers of the Sophora Japonica tree are made up of powerful flavonoids including quercetin, rutin and troxrutin. These flavonoids were selected for our formulation based on their ability to activate the NAD+ salvage pathway enzyme NAMPT. This enzyme is critical to the production of NAD+ but declines with age. These compounds are proven to increase NAMPT enzyme levels and improve NAD+ production.
ALA is a natural compound that helps to boost NAD+ levels in two ways: First, it activates a cellular energy sensor (called AMPK) which leads the body to produce fresh NAD+ (this is the same pathway that is responsible for the beneficial effects of exercise or fasting). Second, ALA activates pathways that promote the conversion of NADH to NAD+.
Aside from its culinary benefits, parsley contains multiple compounds with significant benefits. One of these molecules is apigenin. Apigenin is scientifically proven to inhibit a protein called CD38 that increases in our cells as we age and degrades NAD+. Parsley is known to be one of the best natural sources of apigenin and is included in Nuchido TIME+ to indirectly boost NAD+ by reducing the activity of the CD38 NAD+-consuming pathway.

Green tea is one of the most beneficial beverages on the planet and much of this is credited to a powerful compound it contains called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG).

In Nuchido TIME+ EGCG is used to inhibit a cellular enzyme called NNMT. This enzyme increases with age, preventing NAD+ recycling in our cells. Inhibiting NNMT is known to increase NAD+ levels.

Vitamin C has an all-round protective reputation. In fact, people who take regular Vitamin C are found to live long and healthy lives.
Zinc is an essential micronutrient that plays a vital role in normal immune function. As we age, there is a progressive decline in our immune system’s resilience. Supplementation with zinc has been found to help slow this impairment.
Black pepper includes piperine, a dietary ingredient that improves absorption of the other important ingredients in our formula.
Piperine helps to increase the uptake of nutrients from the small intestine, allowing them to enter the blood and access the rest of the body.
Added benefits /
Piperine is known to increase metabolism by activating thermogenesis, a process that breaks down fat cells.

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The proprietary Nuchido TIME+ formulation has been scientifically developed using unique proportions to elicit the maximum benefit from every ingredient. It is this unique balance that allowed our formulation to boost NAD+ levels and improve other markers of cellular health in our clinical trial (view our Clinical Trial Highlights here).