Support your mitochondria with NAD+

Mitochondrial dysfunction is a key hallmark of aging. Learn why mitochondria are essential for cellular function, the link between mitochondrial function and aging, and how NAD+ supplements can support mitochondrial health.

NAD+: The healthy aging molecule

NAD+ has been hailed as the 'fountain of youth' and is considered one of the most important molecules for healthy aging. But what exactly is NAD+ and why is it linked to the cellular aging process?

How to optimise your circadian rhythm

Your circadian rhythm is your internal timetable found in every cell and organ in your body. It helps to regulate behaviour, physiology, metabolism and cell function - including NAD+ production. Therefore, ensuring you have a robust circadian rhythm is vital to aging well.

Why you should measure your biological age

It may shock you to learn that you have more than one age. Your chronological age and your biological age. This article will look at what your biological age is and why knowing this information can be very beneficial.


Sirtuins, NAD+ and Aging

Sirtuins are described as 'guardians of the genome' but why are they so important to aging well? This article will describe what sirtuins are, how they are linked to NAD+ and why Prof David Sinclair views sirtuins as a key pathway in aging biology.

The Longevity Genes that slow aging according to David Sinclair

Research has identified many different genes and cellular pathways that are associated with aging, but Professor David Sinclair believes there are three key biological pathways which are vital to regulating our cells and if we can control them, we can slow the aging process.

Why we age according to David Sinclair

Read more about David Sinclair's Information Theory of Aging as described in his book Lifespan: Why we age - and why we don't have to, and his podcast of the same name.

David Sinclair on NAD+

Professor David Sinclair author of Lifespan: Why we age and why we don’t have to, and recently released podcast by the same name is a pioneer in the longevity field. Learn about David Sinclair's views on NAD+ and Sirtuins and why he considers them longevity genes.

5 reasons you need more NAD+

If you want to continue performing at your peak, then you will be interested in increasing your NAD+ levels. That is because NAD+ is vital for cellular health. This article will describe 5 of the key cellular functions which rely on NAD+ and how you can increase your NAD+ levels.

Increase energy levels with NAD+ supplements

Aging is associated with declining energy levels, which is linked to declining NAD+ levels. Learn how Nuchido TIME+ can increase NAD+ and energy levels.

Next Generation NAD+ Supplements

There are many NAD+ boosting supplements available but the latest research shows that a whole system approach is needed to address the root causes of NAD+ decline. Nuchido TIME+ goes beyond just precursor supplements to target each component of the NAD+ network which becomes altered with age.

Understanding Cellular Aging

Key changes occur within our cells which drive the cellular aging process, and contribute to the signs of aging we see and feel. This article discusses what aging is according to science and how we can slow aging at a cellular level.

The Introduction of Cellular Health to Aesthetics

While aesthetics has previously focused on using topical products and treatments to reduce the signs of ageing, a shift has occurred, with more treatments focusing on slowing ageing at the cellular level.

A Systems Approach To NAD+ Restoration

Nuchido CEO and Chief Scientist Dr Nichola Conlon recently published a review article in the Journal of Biochemical Pharmacology. The article discusses why NAD+ is critical to healthy aging and the best approach to boost NAD+ levels. Read a summary of the paper here.

Welcome to the World of Anti-Ageing Science

When it comes to ageing well, there have been some serious developments in the world of academic research over the last ten years that could have significant implications on enhancing the advice and services offered by professionals.

NAD+ for Professionals

As a professional who wants to keep up with the latest science and innovation and pass that knowledge along to your clients, you need to become familiar with NAD+, the latest breakthrough in longevity science.

Maximizing the Health Benefits

The final aspect of the Nuchido TIME+ formulation is designed to maximize the overall health benefits. That is why Nuchido TIME+ contains black pepper extract, vitamin C and zinc.

Increasing NAD+ Precursor Ingredients

Once the NAD+ production pathways have been restored and the waste of NAD+ has been limited, then adding in additional raw materials that the cell can use to manufacture NAD+ can be considered.

Reducing Consumption and Excretion of NAD+
The greater our understanding of age-related NAD+ decline the more it is becoming apparent that pumping more precursors (raw material) into the cell isn’t enough to fix the underlying problem. NAD+ declines not only because of a decrease in NAD+ production but also a huge increase in NAD+ consumption.

Enhancing the Salvage Pathway with Nuchido TIME+

For an NAD+ supplement to address the fundamental causes of NAD+ decline, it needs to act on the cell’s ability to make and recycle NAD+ and the primary source of this is via the salvage pathway.

Why NAD+ Declines with Age
We talk a lot about the importance of NAD+ and why it is so valuable to maintain your NAD+ levels as you age to retain your active and healthy lifestyle. In order to appreciate how Nuchido TIME+ works it is important to understand what happens to NAD+ levels as we age and what is occurring inside our cells.
Father of Biohacking hails Nuchido's NAD+ product as "Groundbreaking"

Dr Nichola Conlon, founder of Nuchido Laboratories, which creates scientifically backed products to promote healthspan features on Bulletproof Radio. She discusses the role of NAD+ in aging and Nuchido's breakthrough NAD+ booster with US author, entrepreneur and father of bio-hacking Dave Asprey.

Dave Asprey: Biohacking NAD+ with Nuchido TIME+
Dave Asprey – author, founder of BulletProof Coffee and all-round father of biohacking – interviewed Nuchido founder Dr Nichola Conlon on his #1 biohacking podcast, BulletProof Radio. They discuss the role of NAD+ and NAD+ supplement Nuchido TIME+ in taking control of the aging process and optimizing health.
What the Science says

NAD+ levels were measured in the blood cells of 2 human volunteers before, during and after taking Nuchido TIME+ for 16 days. During the 16-day supplementation period, NAD+ levels increased by an average of 242% above baseline levels. The full scientific study was presented on stage at the International Conference Undoing Ageing in Berlin and can be viewed here.

What are NAD precursors?
If you're interested in increasing your NAD+ levels, you may have started researching various NAD+ supplements only to be met with a host of information about "precursors". Here, we break down exactly what an NAD+ precursor to help you navigate your NAD+ boosting needs.
How is Nuchido TIME+ different to NAD Precursors?
Our research is leading the next generation of NAD+ supplementation, by using a whole-system approach. Rather than supplying cells with precursors alone, Nuchido TIME+ rejuvenates the overall ability of the cell to produce NAD+, with remarkable results.
How to read a supplement label?
Labels can be confusing. Have you ever found yourself unsure of certain ingredients? Or questioning if a supplement is of good quality? Cut through the hype and jargon with our expert cheat sheet on how to best understand your supplement labels.
What does Nuchido mean?

Nuchido (pronounced noo-chee-do) means “Path to Long Life” in Japanese, however, there is even more meaning behind our one-of-a-kind name, which traces all the way back to the Japanese village, Ogimi. Here we share the Nuchido story.