What the Science says

NAD+ levels were measured in the blood cells of 2 human volunteers before, during and after taking Nuchido TIME+ for 16 days. During the 16-day supplementation period, NAD+ levels increased by an average of 242% above baseline levels. The full scientific study was presented on stage at the International Conference Undoing Ageing in Berlin and can be viewed here.

What are NAD precursors?
If you're interested in increasing your NAD+ levels, you may have started researching various NAD+ supplements only to be met with a host of information about "precursors". Here, we break down exactly what an NAD+ precursor to help you navigate your NAD+ boosting needs.
How is Nuchido TIME+ different to NAD Precursors?
Our research is leading the next generation of NAD+ supplementation, by using a whole-system approach. Rather than supplying cells with precursors alone, Nuchido TIME+ rejuvenates the overall ability of the cell to produce NAD+, with remarkable results.
How to read a supplement label?
Labels can be confusing. Have you ever found yourself unsure of certain ingredients? Or questioning if a supplement is of good quality? Cut through the hype and jargon with our expert cheat sheet on how to best understand your supplement labels.
What does Nuchido mean?

Nuchido (pronounced noo-chee-do) means “Path to Long Life” in Japanese, however, there is even more meaning behind our one-of-a-kind name, which traces all the way back to the Japanese village, Ogimi. Here we share the Nuchido story.