5 reasons you need more NAD+

If you want to increase your healthspan or continue to perform at your peak, then you will be interested in increasing your NAD+ levels. That is because NAD+ is vital for cellular health. This article will describe 5 of the key cellular functions which rely on NAD+ and how you can increase your NAD+ levels with NAD+ supplements such as Nuchido TIME+.

NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is found in every cell in your body and is a coenzyme meaning that its presence is required for a multitude of cellular reactions and processes.


Here are the top five reasons you need more NAD+ in your life:


  1. Without NAD+ you wouldn’t be alive!

If all the NAD+ within your cells was removed, you would be dead in 30 seconds. This is because NAD+ is an essential part of the reactions in your mitochondria that turn the food you eat into the energy that your cells need (ATP) to maintain their vital functions.

As you age, cells struggle to produce the required levels of cellular energy due to declining levels of NAD+.

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  1. NAD+ is essential to activate your “longevity genes”.

In every cell you have a family of seven proteins called “Sirtuins”.  These proteins are nicknamed the “guardians of the genome” because they play a key role in maintaining cellular health and switching off genes that are associated with ageing and poor health. Sirtuins are vital for a variety of functions including supporting cognitive function, mitochondrial health, cellular defence, DNA health, muscle health and circadian rhythm.

These proteins do not work without NAD+, so when NAD+ levels decline with age the various cellular pathways regulated by the sirtuins struggle to function and contribute to the aging process.


  1. Low NAD+ is associated with aging.

As you age your NAD+ levels decline by around 50% every 20 years. This occurs because your cells lose their youthful ability to make and recycle NAD+ and there is increased demand for NAD+ within cells. NAD+ decline means that your cells have less energy and less activation of your longevity genes (sirtuins). Research has shown this is one of the major reasons mammals, including humans, age.

This has resulted in increased interest in ways to boost NAD+ levels to support healthy aging. Exercise and fasting are known to boost NAD+ levels, with supplements such as Nuchido TIME+ working to restore the cell’s youthful ability to make NAD+.


  1. NAD+ is essential for maintaining DNA health.

DNA damage is a major cause of aging so making sure DNA health is maintained is essential to slow the aging process. Throughout life your DNA is constantly under attack from UV light, pollution, a bad diet and even your own metabolism!

NAD+ is vital to activate the DNA repair enzymes (PARPs) within your cells. So, loss of NAD+ with age means cells struggle to maintain DNA health leading to accumulation of DNA damage and aging.


  1. NAD+ helps to regulate your body clock.

Your internal 24-hour body clock (circadian rhythm) dictates not only your sleeping patterns, but also your energy levels, hormones, metabolism and NAD+ production. As a result, NAD+ levels naturally fluctuate throughout the day. Interestingly research has now shown that NAD+ also plays an important role in keeping this rhythm on track, via its activation of sirtuins.

Dampening of the circadian rhythm occurs with aging, and this can cause disruption to many cellular functions. With studies now showing that maintaining NAD+ levels with age can help to maintain a robust circadian rhythm.



Studies show that increasing your NAD+ levels has a variety of whole-body benefits including those described above, which is why increasing your NAD+ is critical for optimising your health.

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