Welcome to the Nuchido Partner Program

We understand that keeping at the forefront of innovative techniques and scientific research is essential to the value you provide your clients and to keep your business competitive. So, the Nuchido Partner Program has been designed to support you by providing the latest insights from the world of NAD+ along with exclusive news and interviews about Nuchido’s products.

The Nuchido Partner Program includes two different pricing structures – only available to our valued Nuchido Partners:

  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Commission




For business and practices with the infrastructure to hold stock, our wholesale pricing is based on the number of units ordered and enables you to:

    • Access our highest level of discount
    • Provide your clients with their purchase of Nuchido TIME+ as part of their in-clinic consultation
    • Sell Nuchido TIME+ from your online store

Combine wholesale with the commission program described below to create greater flexibility for your business model. This allows you to introduce your customers to Nuchido TIME+ in clinic and then refer them to nuchido.com for their subsequent orders, Nuchido fulfils those orders and you earn commission from those sales.



Nuchido Partners can share a bespoke discount code with their patients/clients and earn commission on sales of Nuchido TIME+.

Once registered as a Nuchido Partner, any orders your clients make on our online shop with your discount code will be associated with your account, and you will:

    • Earn commission on the net sale amount
    • Be paid accrued commission within 30 days of the month it refers to
    • View activity on your commission account at any time