Our Science

A smarter way to boost NAD+.

At Nuchido we’ve pioneered a way to boost NAD+ that doesn't need NR (Nicotinamide

Riboside) or NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide) precursors to achieve remarkable results.

The scientific detail

Our approach is called Systems Pharmacology, which studies biological systems as a complex mix of molecular pathways and processes.

Cellular NAD+ production is an ideal subject for Systems Pharmacology because boosting NAD+ back to healthy levels requires a multi-targeted or ‘system-wide’ approach.

Nuchido's scientific team has identified the right combination of targets to restore cellular NAD+ production back to youthful levels leading to the development of a breakthrough NAD+ booster called Nuchido TIME+.

The NAD+ salvage pathway

As our cells use NAD+ it gets converted into a 'waste' product called nicotinamide, which is then recycled back into fresh NAD+ by enzymes in the NAD+ salvage pathway. When this recycling process works with youthful efficiency it makes nearly all of the NAD+ our cells need to stay healthy.

Unfortunately older cells don’t have the recycling capacity they once did, which means over time our levels of NAD+ drift downwards as cells struggle to recycle 'waste' nicotinamide back into NAD+.

Topping up NAD+ levels with a precursor like NR or NMN therefore seems like a good idea, but there's a problem. Precursors don't address the multiple issues that cause NAD+ to decline with age. This means old cells with an inefficient NAD salvage pathway don't have enough capacity to convert high doses of many precursors into new NAD+, so they are simply excreted as waste.

To get cellular NAD+ high enough to re-start natural self-repair systems it is important to restore the efficiency of our cells to produce their own NAD+. This can be achieved by restoring the function of the cells to produce and recycle their own NAD+.

Boosting natural NAD+ production

Nuchido TIME+ targets multiple cellular pathways involved in the production and consumption of NAD+ that become dysregulated with age, allowing older cells to resume higher levels of natural NAD+ production.

Our product contains a patented formulation of molecules derived from natural ingredients to correct issues that underly NAD+ decline in older cells. It boosts NAD+ by an average of 242%, which is four times more than any other intervention currently available.

Nuchido TIME+ represents a more efficient way to boost NAD+. This means it's time to put precursors to one side and focus upon restoring the efficiency of our cells to produce youthful levels of NAD+.