6 FAQs about Nuchido TIME+

At Nuchido we receive lots of amazing feedback and questions. In this article, we share the answers to the most common questions asked by our customers to support you in your journey when choosing an NAD+ supplement.


1. How is Nuchido TIME+ different from NR / NMN?

NMN and NR are ‘precursor’ supplements, meaning they just provide the building blocks for NAD+ rather than fix the root cause of NAD+ decline. There is no evidence to suggest that NAD+ declines because of a lack of precursor material, NAD+ declines because it cannot make and recycle NAD+ from these precursors. Precursor only supplements can cause methylation issues and inadvertently drive inflammation, because they simply put a band aid on the problem, rather than fixing it.

In comparison Nuchido TIME+ addresses the reasons why NAD+ declines. Our patented formulation contains a combination of ingredients designed to restore the cells’ natural ability to make and recycle NAD+, in the same manner youthful cells do.

Using our unique whole-system approach Nuchido TIME+ has been clinically proven to have a multitude of benefits beyond just increasing NAD+ levels. These include activating sirtuins, reducing inflammation, reducing glycation and reducing biological age.

Click here to read more about how Nuchido TIME+ is different from precursors. 


2. Can I test my NAD+ levels?

The testing methods used in clinical trials are not available commercially. We would love to recommend a user-friendly test to our customers but the ones available don’t yet have the data to support their claims.

NAD+ is an unstable molecule by its very nature and degrades very quickly outside of the body. During clinical trials blood is taken, immediately put on ice and then processed in the lab to prevent the NAD+ degrading, but this cannot be replicated in a commercial test kit.

We recommend testing your biological age using GlycanAge as a method to show the impacts of any lifestyle changes or supplements. We partnered with GlycanAge during our clinical trial.

Click here to learn more about measuring your biological age.


3. Is there any evidence to show Nuchido TIME+ works?

Science is at the core of everything we do at Nuchido, that is why we conducted a a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled crossover clinical trial. Participants were male and female, aged 20-80 years old.

The highlights of the study where that after 28 days of supplementation Nuchido TIME+:

  • Increased cellular NAD+ levels 
  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Reduced glycation 
  • Reduced biological age 
  • Activated NAMPT and restored NAD+ recycling
  • Increased the longevity protein SIRT1

Alongside this clinical evidence Nuchido TIME+ is supported by anecdotal customer feedback and testimonials.

Click here to view the full clinical trial results.


4. Why do I need a supplement to increase my NAD+ levels?

NAD+ cannot be obtained directly from food – it is a large molecule and struggles to enter cells. We can derive NAD+ precursors from food but this relies on the cells ability to make and recycle NAD+ from these precursors and unfortunately cells lose this ability during aging.

Nuchido TIME+ contains a combination of ingredients designed to restore the cell’s natural ability to make and recycle NAD+ and direct NAD+ towards pro-longevity pathways such as the Sirtuins. While our ingredients are obtained from natural sources such as parsley leaf it would be extremely difficult to obtain the concentrations required from eating food alone (that would be a huge amount of parsley!)

Lifestyle factors such as fasting and exercise are known to increase NAD+ levels but NAD+ decline still occurs with age and during illness or stress.

There are also periods of time where your lifestyle habits are disrupted e.g. jet lag and travelling, loss of sleep when you have children, increased alcohol consumption during celebrations and these situations all deplete your NAD+ levels meaning that a NAD+ supplement can be a beneficial tool.


5. When will I feel an effect?

During our clinical study NAD+ levels significantly increased from just 7 days.

Everybody is unique and their response is different, some customers report feeling benefits such as improved energy and reduced brain fog after a few days, some may feel more gradual benefits over a longer period of time.

If you don’t immediately feel any changes, you can be assured that Nuchido TIME+ is having a positive impact at a cellular level. From our clinical study we know that Nuchido TIME+ is increasing NAD+ levels, reducing inflammation, reducing glycation, and reversing biological age.

We recommend taking Nuchido TIME+ for a minimum of one month, ideally three months to give your cells the chance to replenish NAD+ levels and stimulate cellular repair.


6. Why is it expensive?

Nuchido TIME+ is based on years of preclinical and clinical research. Conducting this level of testing is very time consuming and costly. There is also no legal requirement for a supplement to be tested in humans before being sold, which is why most supplements have no data to support their claims. Furthermore, we invest heavily in the manufacturing, quality control testing and ingredients in Nuchido TIME+.

Nuchido TIME+ is a long-term investment in your cellular health which is why we offer a subscription which provides a built-in saving.