Father of Biohacking hails Nuchido's NAD+ product as "Groundbreaking"

The work of a UK scientist at the forefront of anti-ageing research has been praised as “groundbreaking” by one of the world’s leading biohackers. 

Dr Nichola Conlon, founder of Nuchido Laboratories, specialises in the study of NAD+ and the link between its natural decline in human cells and the onset of ageing symptoms. And she will be sharing her research with US author, entrepreneur and father of bio-hacking Dave Asprey during an hour-long podcast on Bulletproof Radio on 27 May.

Dr Conlon and her fellow scientists at Nuchido Laboratories created Nuchido TIME+, a supplement which, is clinically shown to increase NAD+ levels, restore youthful NAD+ production, reduce inflammation, reverse biological age, and is seen as a breakthrough product in the world of anti-ageing. And she will be revealing to Dave Asprey clinical and anecdotal evidence about the impact of boosting NAD, as well as the wider implications of extending people’s healthspan.


Dave Asprey interviews Dr Nichola Conlon

A four-time New York Times bestselling author and creator of Bulletproof Coffee, Asprey has worked with world-renowned doctors, researchers and scientists to uncover innovative methods, techniques and products for enhancing mental and physical performance.


“This is an interview I’m really looking forward to because we’ll go into some molecular biology, NAD+ pathways, antiaging and some things that are pretty interesting around how we can help this precious molecule in the body – and it’s probably not what people think it is,” said Dave.


“NAD+ is a compound I’ve written about extensively in my antiaging book, Superhuman and I learned some really neat stuff the first time that Nichola and I sat down.”


NAD+ is vital to Cellular Health

It is widely understood – both in the UK and the US – that declining NAD+ levels are responsible for age-related conditions such as muscle deterioration, lack of energy and sleeplessness.  In the podcast, Dr Conlon explains the role of NAD+ in cellular health.

“NAD+ is a natural molecule found in every cell in your body and its significant decline with age has become an important target for supporting healthy ageing,” she said.

“One of the main reasons it’s so important to life is NAD+ is absolutely fundamental to energy production.  However, it’s become a lot more apparent recently that it’s not just energy production that NAD+ is involved in.

It acts as fuel for repair pathways and a key example is DNA repair.  DNA damage is one of the major causes of aging and our body has to continually repair this. 

“NAD+ is critical in driving this DNA repair and ensuring the repair enzymes get to damaged sites and actually do the job that’s required.  But, NAD+ levels decline significantly with age.”


NAD+ decline is extremely complex

Based on the principles of Systems Pharmacology, Nuchido TIME+ is hailed by Dave Asprey as “a groundbreaking NAD+ systems management supplement”.


He describes how “You can pour more NAD+ into the system but this idea of increasing the efficiency of reuse just seems more elegant from a biohacking perspective.”

He added :“Our work is about helping people live healthy lives for longer. It’s about tackling ageing at a cellular level and keeping our bodies as healthy as possible for as long as possible.”

Dr Conlon said she was “thoroughly looking forward to taking part in Dave Asprey’s podcast.”

”He is hugely invested in wellness and has pioneered lifestyle changes and interventions that really challenge our views about ageing,” she said.



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