Why we need to take a cellular approach to slow aging

To age well and feel our best we need to take an inside out approach. While we may see and feel the symptoms of aging externally, aging begins at a cellular level. Therefore, to truly have any impact on the aging process we must target the root causes at a cellular level. This article will explain why we age and how NAD+ supplements can slow the cellular aging process.


Aging begins at a cellular level

To understand why aging occurs we must take a trip through evolution. From a biological perspective our purpose is to pass on our DNA and have children, therefore evolution has made humans very good at being young. When we are young, lots of cellular energy is dedicated to keeping our cells functioning optimally so we can feel our best, find a partner and reproduce. However, as we get older and past childbearing age, cellular repair gets turned down which causes an accumulation of damage to our cells, resulting in the signs and symptoms of aging.

The exciting news is that studies now show that cellular aging is reversible. Just as the aging process can be accelerated, it can also be slowed.

Research has now identified the specific cellular changes that occur during aging, and these are termed the ‘Hallmarks of aging’. Therefore, to slow the aging process we must go beyond the surface to address the changes at a cellular level.


Healthspan V Lifespan

The aim of slowing aging at a cellular level is to extend healthspan – the portion of your life spent in good health.

Our lifespans have extended and humans are now living longer than ever before. In 1950 the average human lifespan was 47 and in 2021 it reached 73. However, healthspan has not increased at the same rate. The average healthspan globally is only 64, meaning the average person is spending at least 9 years of their life in poor health.


Healthspan V Lifespan


By keeping our cells and bodies functioning optimally, the aim is to increase healthspan, so that you can continue to live life a fulfilled and independent life.


NAD+ slows cellular aging

So how do we slow cellular aging? This is where NAD+ comes in, NAD+ is the healthy aging molecule because it is critical to cellular health. NAD+ is a natural molecule found in every cell in the body and powers many critical functions.

The main roles of NAD+ are:

  • To power cellular energy production
  • To power cellular maintenance and repair pathways

Because we haven’t evolved to be good at being old, NAD+ declines during aging, by around 50% every 20 years. The decline in NAD+ is one of the main drivers of cellular aging.

NAD decline drives cellular aging


Young cells are very good at making NAD+ - they just lose this ability. This is why Nuchido TIME+ has been developed to switch back on the cells natural NAD+ production pathways to boost NAD+ levels.

NAD+ is one of the only molecules that targets all the Hallmarks of Aging. It is important to target multiple hallmarks simultaneously, as aging is a complex process so just targeting one won’t have much impact.



Overall, research shows that restoring NAD+ levels is critical to extending healthspan and aging well. Boosting NAD+ level addresses aging at a cellular level meaning it has whole body benefits helping you to feel your best for longer.