What the science says about increasing NAD+ levels

NAD+ is highly regarded as the anti-aging molecule. It performs many critical functions within cells and its decline with age has been identified as a key driver of the cellular aging process. Studies continue to highlight the multitude of benefits that result from restoring NAD+ levels – but what is the best method to do this?

Lifestyle practices such as exercise and fasting are known to increase NAD+ levels, but many people choose to use NAD+ boosting supplements to further optimize their levels.

Nuchido TIME+ takes a unique approach to increasing NAD+ by addressing the root causes of NAD+ decline. Nuchido TIME+ has been clinically proven to boost NAD+, restore the cell's natural ability to make and recycle NAD+, activate healthy aging proteins, reduce inflammation and reverse biological age. 


Youthful cells predominantly make NAD+ via the Salvage Pathway

The salvage pathway

When we are young, our cells make and recycle all the NAD+ they require. This keeps our body functioning optimally and energy production high. NAD+ is a large molecule so where possible, cells prefer to recycle NAD+ rather than make it from scratch. This NAD+ recycling system is called the Salvage Pathway and is the largest source of NAD+ production in youthful cells.

When NAD+ is used up by energy production and cellular maintenance and repair pathways, it leaves behind a waste product called nicotinamide (NAM). This nicotinamide is recycled back into fresh NAD+ which can be used again by the body.


NAD+ levels decline by 50% every 20 years

As we get older, NAD+ levels decline by around 50% every 20 years.  This decline is caused by the reduced ability of cells to recycle NAD. When this happens, waste nicotinamide accumulates in the cell as it cannot be recycled. Cells work optimally when there is ‘homeostasis’ (when everything is in balance) so any excess nicotinamide must be removed from the cell.

Alongside this decline in NAD+ production, there is also an increase in NAD+ consumption with age. Older cells have increased levels of inflammation and DNA damage which consumes and wastes large quantities of NAD+.

Causes of NAD+ decline

This creates an environment in which key cellular functions are lacking adequate NAD+ and therefore struggle to function optimally. Ultimately, leading to an accumulation of cellular damage that drives the cellular aging process.


A whole-system approach to increasing NAD+ levels

Research shows that NAD+ decline is a complex issue and increasing NAD+ levels is a key component to slowing cellular aging. However, NAD+ is a large molecule so it isn’t as simple as just putting more NAD+ into the cell. To have the largest and most sustainable increase in NAD+ levels, the causes of NAD+ decline must be addressed. This is how Nuchido TIME+ works. Our whole-system approach looks at the entire NAD+ network and which parts of it must be restored to enhance NAD+ production. We like to think of the cell as a factory, which produces NAD+. Over time the output from the factory (NAD+) declines, so to restore production we must go into the factory and fix all the broken machinery. You cannot just put more raw materials into the factory and hope to see an increase in production. Nuchido TIME+ contains a combination of ingredients designed to:

  • Increase NAD+ production and recycling via the salvage pathway
  • Inhibit the consumption of NAD+ by inflammatory molecules
  • Prevent the removal of nicotinamide from the cell – now that it can be recycled back into NAD+
  • Provide additional nicotinamide to further boost NAD+ levels

Using this approach Nuchido TIME+ has been clinically proven to:

  • Significantly increase cellular NAD+ after only 7 days
  • Unlike NR or NMN it works by switching back on youthful cellular NAD+ production by reactivating a key enzyme in the Salvage Pathway (NAMPT)
  • Increase the longevity protein SIRT1, a downstream target of NAD+
  • Reduce inflammatory cytokines indicating that NAD+ is being directed towards beneficial processes rather than inflammatory CD38
  • Reduce biomarkers of glycation
  • Reverse biological age


Overall, increasing NAD+ is a key component of aging well. Nuchido TIME+ translated the latest science regarding NAD+ decline into an evidence-based supplement that has been shown to increase NAD+ levels and support cellular health. There is now an opportunity to incorporate Nuchido TIME+ into your practice and help your clients age well from the inside.