What Nuchido TIME+ is doing in your cells

When taking any supplement, it can be hard to know if it is having a positive effect. Some people may ‘feel’ a difference immediately, whilst for others, noticeable changes may be more gradual. When taking Nuchido TIME+, even if you don’t feel a change, our clinical trial has demonstrated the positive effects of the formulation at the cellular level, so that you can rest assured that Nuchido TIME+ is having a positive impact on your cellular health.




0-7 days

  • After your first few servings of Nuchido TIME+ your NAD+ will begin to increase. In our clinical trial, cellular NAD+ levels were significantly increased within 7 days. Your cells will immediately begin to utilise this NAD+ to enhance energy production in the mitochondria. Extra NAD+ can also be used to support maintenance and repair of the mitochondria, preventing them from becoming dysfunctional, which is a key driver of cellular aging.
  • This increase in energy is unlike the buzz experienced from stimulants such as coffee, this is a much more sustained energy boost as Nuchido TIME+ is restoring natural energy production at a cellular level. Some customers feel notable improvements in mental and physical energy very quickly, for others, improvements are more gradual and subtle. Generally, those with the most depleted NAD+ levels will experience the most notable immediate improvements.


7-28 days

  • Our data shows that your NAD+ levels will continue to increase during this period. The ingredients in Nuchido TIME+ will be working hard to restore your cellular NAD+ pool. This increased availability of NAD+ will switch on cellular repair and maintenance pathways to repair any cellular damage that has accumulated due to NAD+ deficiency.  
  • Ensure you continue to take Nuchido TIME+ as part of your daily health optimisation routine. Our top tips are to set a reminder on your phone and to keep Nuchido TIME+ near where you eat as a visual reminder. If you are travelling, a supplement organiser can be an easy way to ensure you have your Nuchido TIME+ available on the go.


28 days+

  • After 28 days of taking Nuchido TIME+ our data indicates that your natural NAD+ production pathways will be reactivated. This means your cells can now use and recycle NAD+ with youthful efficiency. This can be felt as an increase in mental and physical energy, better sleep, reduced brain fog, increased strength and stamina, improvements in skin health and improved ability to recover from illness.
  • Additionally, after 28 days, Nuchido TIME+ was found to reduce levels of inflammation, meaning that the increased NAD+ available in your cells can be directed towards healthy aging proteins such as the sirtuins to promote cellular repair and regeneration.
  • As your cellular health improves, your biological age (the rate at which your cells are aging) will also start to reduce, this is because NAD+ is known to positively impact all of the hallmarks of aging (the cellular malfunctions that cause aging). In our clinical study, Nuchido TIME+ was found to reduce biological age by an average of 1.26 years after 28 days of supplementation. The GlycanAge biological age test is available as a consumer kit allowing you to test the effect of Nuchido TIME+ on your own biological age.
  • As you continue to enhance your NAD+ levels and improve your cellular health, energy and repair will start to be directed towards 'non-essential' processes such as growing your hair and nails.



Don’t just take our word for it, this is what some of our customers have to say about Nuchido TIME+:

  • “I have recommended so many people the product after people saying I am GLOWING! My hair has grown so much and my skin is so fresh.” Charlie Copsey
  • “I just wanted to report on my first month of using Nuchido TIME+. Very positive - energy levels good, cognitive performance noticeably improved specifically, concentration, creativity, short term memory, reaction speed, also some health benefits including lower inflammation (joint pain in right hip almost completely gone) and some minor skin issues cleared up.” David Young


Overall, improving your NAD+ levels and cellular health with Nuchido TIME+ is a long-term strategy for aging well. For less than the price of a daily cup of coffee you can support your cells, so you can feel and perform your best.