Top tips for taking your TIME+

If you are new to taking NAD+ supplements we wanted to provide you with our top tips to integrate Nuchido TIME+ into your day.


Take your initial 3 capsules with your first meal of the day

We know from experience that it is easier to take with food, as many people struggle to take supplements on an empty stomach, so we recommend taking your first three capsules with breakfast.

If you practice intermittent fasting wait until you break your fast to take your Nuchido TIME+. As an added bonus, Nuchido TIME+ contains ingredients that activate the AMPK pathway which will help to keep beneficial longevity pathways active even after you have ended your fast.

TOP TIP: Keep a tub of Nuchido TIME+ in your office or at your place of work so you don’t have to remember to bring them with you every day.


Take your final 3 capsules with your next meal

We recommend taking your final three capsules with your next meal. Nuchido TIME+ contains a small amount of caffeine (naturally present in the green tea extract). This is a very small amount, only 6mg compared to a cup of instant coffee which contains 80-100mg. For the majority of people this causes no issues, but if you are highly sensitive to caffeine, please take your final 3 capsules at least 4 hours before you go to bed. 


You can adapt your timing to suit your routine

We appreciate life can get hectic and you may forget to take your Nuchido TIME+, so you can be flexible in how and when you take your capsules, just make sure you take them with food and lots of water.

TOP TIP: Keep your tub of Nuchido TIME+ in the kitchen or at the dining table near where you eat. 


Avoid taking other supplements with the same ingredients

You can take additional supplements alongside Nuchido TIME+ including other popular longevity supplements such as spermidine, urolithin A and resveratrol which may work synergistically with Nuchido TIME+ (please note we have not tested Nuchido TIME+ in combination with other supplements).

However, we recommend being cautious taking other products with large quantities of the same ingredients to avoid exceeding daily recommended limits. If you take any medications, we recommend speaking to a medical professional before starting new supplements.

TOP TIP: Set a daily reminder on your phone to remind you to take your TIME+.


How long until you will feel a difference?

Based on the science, Nuchido TIME+ will start benefitting your cells from as early as seven days. Nuchido TIME+ is a long-term investment in your cellular health and resolving years of NAD+ decline cannot be fixed overnight. However, our clinical trial shows Nuchido TIME+ significantly increases NAD+ levels within 7 days. Even if you don't immediately 'feel' a difference, you can rest assured that your cellular health will be improving.

Determining how you feel can be challenging so if you have a wearable device or monitor health metrics such as sleep, HRV (heart rate variability), exercise, recovery and performance, these can be monitored as a good indicator of positive changes happening at the cellular level.