The Introduction of Cellular Health to Aesthetics

As someone who is passionate about looking and feeling their best and is proactive about finding the best treatments and products to support their goals, you will be interested by the introduction of cellular health treatments to the aesthetics industry.

While aesthetics has previously focused on using topical products and treatments to reduce the signs of ageing, a shift has occurred, with more treatments focusing on slowing ageing at the cellular level. This is because the ageing process begins within our cells and science now understands what is occurring at a cellular level to drive the age-related changes we see and feel.

The Nuchido team are very excited to be exhibiting at Beauty Uncovered Live (stand V38) and Dr Nichola Conlon will be presenting as part of the ‘Ask the Experts’ panel on Saturday 7th May at 13:30pm. Her talk entitled ‘Understanding Cellular Ageing’ will discuss how you can support the health of your cells to age well from the inside.

Other speakers such as Dr Mayoni Gooneratne, founder of Human Health, and the Beauty Triangle featuring aesthetic doctor, Miss Sherina Balaratnam; psychiatrist and body expert, Dr Galyna Selezneva; and oculoplastic surgeon, Dr Maryam Zamani will also be presenting about the developments in the aesthetics field and the benefits of taking a more holistic view of our health.

Nuchido Laboratories is founded by Dr Nichola Conlon, a molecular biologist specialising in the study of cellular ageing. She is passionate about translating the latest science into products that slow biological ageing, the first of which is Nuchido TIME+.

Nuchido TIME+ is an NAD+ boosting supplement designed to slow cellular ageing. NAD+ is critical to ageing well, because it keeps your energy levels high and maintains the youthful function of your cells. However, your NAD+ levels half every 20 years as the body loses its youthful ability to make sufficient levels of NAD+. This decline in NAD+ not only impacts the health of your cells and their ability to function optimally but is also linked to the physical signs of ageing we feel.

Nuchido TIME+ increases NAD+ and many studies now show that increasing your NAD+ levels has multiple benefits. Amazing feedback from customers includes increased energy levels, improved rest, improved gym performance, improved hair, skin and nails, and overall feeling like their younger selves.

As NAD+ ensures optimal cellular function, boosting NAD+ levels can also be used to support your aesthetic treatments by ensuring your cells are in optimal condition to respond to and recover from procedures.

To learn more about Nuchido TIME+ and NAD+ be sure to attend Dr Nichola’s talk or speak to a member of our team on stand V38.