Sirtuins: The Longevity Proteins

This article will describe what sirtuins are, why they are linked with aging and how you can increase your sirtuin levels with lifestyle habits and the NAD+ supplement Nuchido TIME+.


Sirtuins are Longevity Proteins

Sirtuins are a family of proteins, there are seven different sirtuins proteins found in humans (SIRT1-7). They are found in every cell in the body and in various compartments within the cell (the cytoplasm, the mitochondria, the nucleus), highlighting the variety of different roles they play.

Sirtuins are important because they execute many of the beneficial effects of NAD+. This is because sirtuins regulate which genes get expressed. They do this by removing ‘acetyl’ tags from genes to signal that they are not needed right now.

Sirtuins also activate cellular health pathways including those which:

  • Repair DNA
  • Protect the mitochondria from damage – antioxidant pathways
  • Convert the food we eat into cellular energy - metabolic pathways
  • Protect stem cells
  • Support skin health and collagen production
  • Support optimal brain function
  • Promote healthy immune function
  • Regulate circadian rhythm (the internal body clock)

Essentially every organ and tissue in the body depends on sirtuins and NAD+ in some manner.


NAD+ is the fuel for sirtuins

NAD+ and Sirtuins are linked because NAD+ is the fuel for the sirtuins. Without sufficient NAD+ the sirtuins remain inactive within cells. This is one of the reasons why NAD+ decline during aging is so damaging to cellular health, because of sirtuin inactivity. The various repair and maintenance pathways which rely on sirtuins stop functioning, causing cellular damage to accumulate.

Therefore, one of the best ways to keep sirtuins active as you age is to maintain your NAD+ levels.

Sirtuin activity has also been found to increase in response to cellular stress such as exercise and fasting, which are both known to increase NAD+.


Nuchido TIME+ significantly increases SIRT1 levels

In our clinical study we measured levels of SIRT1 and found that they significantly increased following 28 days of supplementation with Nuchido TIME+. This indicates that the increased NAD+ in the cells is being directed towards these beneficial pathways. This is likely why Nuchido TIME+ reversed biological age, as sirtuins are known to positively impact all the Hallmarks of Aging (the cellular changes that cause biological aging).


The NAD+ and Sirtuin pathway is considered one the key pillars of longevity, because they activate so many other important pathways. Sirtuins are found in every cell and increasing sirtuin activity has whole-body benefits. As a result, there is lots of exciting research being conducted into the benefits of sirtuin activation.