Introducing supplements to benefit your clients & your business

We understand that keeping at the forefront of scientific research and innovative products is essential to the value you deliver for your clients and to keep your business competitive. That is why incorporating supplements such as Nuchido TIME+ into your practice is great way to bring cellular health treatments to your clients and help them achieve their goals of ageing well, whilst also enhancing your business offering.

Adding supplement products into your clinic is an easy and effective way to remain at the forefront of technical innovation, as well as being a natural next step in product diversification.

Supplements, particularly cellular anti-ageing supplements like Nuchido TIME+, complement the existing treatments and services already offered and are easy for your clients to take home and continue using in between treatments, unlike IV’s or other in-clinic treatments. Supplements are also highly regulated and Nuchido TIME+ is manufactured to rigorous pharmaceutical standards. Our facility follows GMP standards & is an FDA inspected facility. Nuchido TIME+ complies with all UK and EU food supplement regulations and unlike many other supplements has data from our clinical trials to show the efficacy of our product.

The Nuchido Partner Program gives you the option to access wholesale pricing in order to stock Nuchido TIME+ in clinic, as well as earn commission on Nuchido TIME+ client online referral orders.


Nuchido TIME+ is a breakthrough NAD+ boosting supplement, designed to slow the rate of cellular ageing, and there are several ways you can position Nuchido TIME+ in your clinic.


As a whole-body health & wellness product

Many clinics are expanding into lifestyle medicine and wellness products, as patients seek to slow the ageing process at a whole-body level and truly optimise their health. As NAD+ is found in every cell in the body the benefits of increasing NAD+ levels are vast. Increasing NAD+ has been shown to improve mitochondrial function, support immune function, increase DNA damage repair, increase energy metabolism, enhance muscle function, improve cognitive function and improve markers of metabolic health, all of which positively influence healthspan (the portion of life spent in good health).

Incorporating Nuchido TIME+ into practice can assist your clients in achieving their wellness goals.


As a cellular anti-ageing supplement

Ageing begins at a cellular level so any true rejuvenation treatment must target these key cellular changes. As patients seek more holistic care from their trusted practitioners in a proactive attempt to slow the ageing process and retain an active lifestyle, advising them to boost their NAD+ is crucial. Nuchido TIME+ addresses declining NAD+ levels - one of the key changes which drives the cellular ageing process and contributes to the signs of ageing your clients see and feel.


As a pre & post treatment product

Many non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as micro needling and lasers induce cellular damage and rely upon cellular repair mechanisms to remove damaged cells and stimulate collagen production. Many of these repair pathways depend on NAD+ to function. In this manner Nuchido TIME+ can be used both before and after procedures to ensure cells are in optimal condition to respond to the treatment and support recovery.


Due to the importance of NAD+ in optimising cellular health, we receive a wide range of customer feedback. Your clients may feel:

  • increased energy levels
  • improved sleep
  • improved mental clarity
  • improved stamina and gym performance
  • improvements in hair, skin and nails


Overall, Nuchido TIME+ can be offered as a standalone product in your clinic to support the cellular health of your clients and help them age well. It can also be used in combination with other aesthetic and wellness treatments such as IV’s, or invasive procedures, to provide even further benefits.


Dr Steven Land, Clinical Director of Novellus Aesthetics -

“The insights I’ve gained from Nuchido have really educated me on the emerging field of cellular ageing and the latest best practice in addressing it. This has helped me not only diversify my current services but to also consider how my business needs to develop in the future in order to stay current and capture this emerging market”


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