Inflammation and Aging

Inflammation is one of the Hallmarks of Aging, with many studies highlighting the importance of regulating levels of inflammation to support healthy aging.

This article will explain what inflammation is, why it is involved in aging and how to reduce inflammation with lifestyle habits and the NAD+ supplement Nuchido TIME+.


Inflammation is part of the immune response

Inflammation is often thought of in a negative way, but inflammation is simply a result of your immune system being activated. Consequently, there are situations in which inflammation is beneficial, but the body wants to maintain homeostasis (balance) so it has tight control over switching inflammation on and off. Ensuring that inflammatory pathways are only activated when required.

The activation of inflammatory pathways is required during wound healing and when fighting infections. In this situation the body must identify the damage, remove the damaged cells and replace them.

White blood cells secrete chemicals which cause inflammation. These chemicals are referred to as cytokines, such as IL-1, IL-5, IL-23. Cytokines are immune signalling molecules, they tell the body that there is a problem which needs to be fixed, and to send other cells to help repair the damage.


Inflammaging is a key driver of cellular aging

During aging dysfunctional immune signaling occurs. This means that your immune system doesn’t follow instructions, creating inflammation even when it isn’t needed. If this occurs for long periods of time it can lead to ‘chronic inflammation’, in which the pro-inflammatory pathways are constantly active.

This chronic inflammation is so pivotal to the aging process it has been termed ‘inflammaging’ and has now been recognized as one of the 12 Hallmarks of Aging.


The rise in inflammation causes damage to cells, tissues and organs preventing them from functioning optimally. Increased levels of inflammation also deplete NAD+ levels.

However, research shows that inflammation is a reversible process. A diet rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, exercise and stress management can help to reduce inflammation.


Nuchido TIME+ is clinically proven to reduce inflammation

In our clinical trial Nuchido TIME+ was found to reduce inflammatory factors – cytokines IL-2, IL-5, IL-23 after 28 days of supplementation.  

The data also showed that Nuchido TIME+ significantly increased NAD+ and Sirtuin levels. This is important as NAD+ and Sirtuins help regulate appropriate immune response by activating anti-inflammatory pathways.


Research shows that preventing and reducing chronic inflammation is a vital part of any health Optimisation routine.