Increasing NAD+ precursor ingredients

Once the NAD+ production pathways have been restored and the waste of NAD+ has been limited, then adding in additional raw materials that the cell can use to manufacture NAD+ can be considered. 

Nuchido TIME+ contains nicotinamide to give our cells the adequate supply of the raw material they need to make NAD+. 

This is in addition to a combination of ingredients that have been selected for their ability to increase NAD+ production and reduce unnecessary NAD+ wastage.  This means the cell can make use of the nicotinamide to make fresh NAD+.- creating an NAD+ supplement that takes a whole system approach to NAD+ biology.


Nicotinamide is the cell's preferred NAD+ precursor

NAD+ cannot be obtained directly from our diet and must be made within our cells using raw materials know as precursors. Despite the popularity of other NAD+ precursors (e.g. NR / NMN) the data suggests that nicotinamide is the cells preferred NAD+ precursor, being recycled via the salvage pathway.

Nicotinamide is also the most bioavailable NAD+ precursor, meaning more of it actually reaches your cells. This is because nicotinamide is an uncharged molecule that can rapidly diffuse across the membrane of any cell and across mitochondrial membranes. 

On the other hand NR and NMN depend on specific transporters to allow them to cross the cell membrane. This means the bioavailability of these precursors is dependent on whether the cell type has the transporter or not (and many do not).


Vitamin B3 is an umbrella term for various precursors

Vitamin B3 is also known as niacin and is an umbrella term for lots of different precursors that your cells can use to manufacture NAD+.

As you can see there are various NAD+ precursors but two that sound very similar are nicotinic acid and nicotinamide. Whilst they are structurally similar and are labelled simply as ‘niacin’, the difference between them is very important when it comes to considering an NAD+ supplement. Nicotinic acid can cause a flushing response often termed the ‘niacin flush’. Nicotinamide, however, does not cause this flushing response. It is nicotinamide that is used in Nuchido TIME+ and is labelled as niacin (as nicotinamide) on the packaging.


Nuchido TIME+ has been shown to increase sirtuin expression

Because the ingredients in Nuchido TIME+ improve the cell's ability to make and recycle NAD+, the nicotinamide in Nuchido TIME+ can be fully utilised by the cell to make NAD+.  This is relevant because, unless the cell's ability to make NAD+ has been addressed, any precursor ingredient will simply be methylated and excreted. 

By enabling the cell to convert nicotinamide into NAD+, the NAD+ can then go on to activate sirtuins - the longevity genes.  

This is supported by our clinical trial results which show that Nuchido TIME+ actually increases levels of sirtuins which is associated with healthy aging and an array of other benefits.

Find out more about our Whole System Approach to increasing NAD+ and sirtuin expression.