Feel Better After 40 with NAD+

As we get older, we notice changes in our bodies and can often feel things don’t function the way they once did. This can include decreased energy, brain fog and trouble getting a good night’s sleep. At the time in your life when you need to be running at maximum capacity these feelings are not desirable. You may have wondered what you can do to mitigate these physical signs of aging, and the answer may lie in NAD+ supplements.


NAD+ is essential to maintaining cellular health

You might not be familiar with NAD+ but it is a vital part of what keeps us feeling energised and our cells working optimally.

NAD+ is a coenzyme found in every cell in your body. As a coenzyme it powers lots of chemical reactions within your cells. One of the main reactions being energy production, turning the food we eat into ATP that can be used by our cells. In addition, to energy production NAD+ is involved in lots of other vital parts of health such as supporting cellular repair, cognitive function, muscle strength and recovery after exercise.

NAD+ has become the focus of research in previous years due to its role in cellular health but also due to the impacts of NAD+ decline…


NAD+ levels decline as we age

NAD+ is so important that our cells have several ways of manufacturing it, including its own recycling system. When we are young these manufacturing processes work efficiently supplying our cells with all the NAD+ they require. Unfortunately, as we age the enzymes needed to make and recycle NAD+ decline. This is also coupled with an increased demand for NAD+ in the cell – due to increased levels of inflammation and DNA repair which drain the cells NAD+ pool. Collectively, this decline in NAD+ is linked with many of the signs we associate with getting older.

The effects of NAD+ decline become most apparent when we hit our 40’s and 50’s. We may struggle to perform in the gym, take longer to recover from exercise, find that our energy levels have dipped, and we struggle to focus.

Fortunately, research has shown there are viable methods to increase your NAD+ levels…


Nuchido TIME+ is proven to increase NAD+ levels

Nuchido TIME+ is a NAD supplement developed by a team of scientists looking to combat age-related NAD+ decline. The unique combination of ingredients in Nuchido TIME+ addresses the multiple factors associated with NAD+ production, recycling and wastage in the cell. The Nuchido TIME+ formulation includes evidence-based ingredients that work together to increase NAD+ production and reduce unnecessary NAD+ consumption – so your cells have all the NAD+ they need to help you feel your best.

Nuchido TIME+ is clinically proven to boost NAD+ levels and activate cellular health pathways. 

Nuchido was founded by Dr Nichola Conlon who has a background in cell biology, with the mission to harness and translate science into products for maximum healthspan and optimal life experience. So that you, can be you, for longer.


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