Enhance the effect of NAD+ Infusions

We appreciate that NAD+ IV infusions are becoming increasingly popular as the benefits of NAD+ restoration become more widely recognized. However, there is now a way to prolong and enhance the positive effects of NAD+ IVs.

This article will look at how to combine the NAD+ supplement Nuchido TIME+ with NAD+ IVs to provide the greatest benefits to your patients.


Cellular NAD+ recycling declines with age

NAD+ is used for various cellular processes including DNA repair and sirtuin activation, both of which leave behind the waste product nicotinamide (NAM). In youthful cells, NAM is recycled back into fresh NAD+ via the salvage pathway. This recycling pathway is known to be the largest source of cellular NAD+ production.  Unfortunately, it has been found that the efficiency of the salvage pathway declines with age meaning that the cell no longer efficiently recycles waste NAM back into NAD+. This causes NAM to accumulate within the cell, forcing the cell to methylate and excrete valuable NAM to maintain cellular homeostasis.


This issue becomes particularly problematic during NAD+ IV infusion when a large amount of whole NAD+ enters the circulatory system. The infused NAD+ is used in cellular reactions resulting in an increase in the breakdown product NAM. If the activity of the salvage pathway has not been restored prior to an NAD+ IV infusion, cells struggle to recycle this sudden increase in waste NAM, forcing methylation and excretion rather than recycling. This is known to lead to methyl donor depletion which has other negative cellular consequences.

This shows that the NAD+ boost achieved by NAD+ IV infusion could be sustained for longer if the body could continue to recycle the infused NAD+ using its natural salvage pathway.


Nuchido TIME+ can prolong the benefits of NAD+ IV

By taking Nuchido TIME+ for at least a month prior to infusions the activity of your client’s salvage pathway can be restored to ensure optimal NAM recycling and less methylation. Nuchido TIME+ contains the polyphenols quercetin, rutin and troxrutin which have been shown to increase the activity of NAMPT, the rate-limiting enzyme which powers the salvage pathway.

This means the infused NAD+ can be used and recycled again and again, enhancing and prolonging the beneficial effects of the NAD+ IV.

NAD+ infusions and Nuchido TIME+


Furthermore, methyl donor depletion does not occur with Nuchido TIME+ as the Salvage Pathway has been restored and NAM methylation is inhibited to further encourage NAM recycling.


Nuchido TIME+ ensures optimal use of infused NAD+

It is now known that some cellular processes that consume NAD+ are not so good for our health. This includes CD38 which activates proinflammatory pathways. Cellular CD38 expression has been found to increase with age and it is known to be the largest mammalian consumer of NAD+. This is because it has a high affinity for NAD+, meaning that NAD+ will be directed for use by CD38 before any of the other beneficial pathways such as sirtuins or DNA repair. This means if CD38 expression is not inhibited prior to IV treatments, much of the NAD+ infusion will be consumed by CD38.

Nuchido TIME+ also contains apigenin from parsley leaf extract, which is designed to inhibit CD38, ensuring the NAD+ is directed to beneficial longevity pathways such as the sirtuins.


Nuchido TIME+ and NAD+ IV Protocol

  • We recommend clients take Nuchido TIME+ for a month prior to their infusion and at least a month after the infusion.
  • However, we do not recommend taking Nuchido TIME+ on the day of the infusion.


Overall, a combination of Nuchido TIME+ and NAD+ IV infusion ensures that the infused NAD+ can be used and recycled multiple times, extending the benefits of the NAD+ IV and also ensuring NAD+ is directed toward the most beneficial pathways.