What Does Nuchido Mean?

Nuchido (pronounced noo-chee-do) means “Path to Long Life” in Japanese. It’s derived from Inochi (good or long life) and Do (path or way).

Nuchido is new combination word, which has almost never appeared before we coined it. Why? Because there never has been a path to long life before now!

We were inspired by a famous phrase from the Okinawa Blue Zone, where people live to unusually great age in unusually good health. In the Japanese town of Ogimi, in the heart of the Okinawa Blue Zone, people like to say of their food “Nuchi gusui!”, which means “food is the medicine for life”.

We’re focused on giving people products beyond food and medicine, and we like to think we’re delivering stepping stones on the path to long life, so we thought Nuchido - the Path to Long Life - is the perfect name for our company.