What is healthspan?

"The problem today is not our lifespan being too short,

but that our healthspan is not long enough."


Dr Nichola Conlon, CEO Nuchido

Let's think about healthspan

Healthspan is the proportion of your life that you live in good health. To put this into perspective, a child born today is likely to live well into their eighties, but will only remain healthy until around their mid-sixties.  This reflects the current average Healthspan, after which most people will suffer from age-related disease for around 20% of their lives.

Ageing is a big new problem

In modern societies, ageing is the biggest risk factor for developing serious disease. 

This has led to a great drive from the scientific community to work out how to slow the accumulation of damage associated with ageing.

The good news is that recent scientific breakthroughs have demonstrated that ageing is not set in stone and there are many ways you can influence your rate of ageing.

At Nuchido, we are building this science into our products, so you can be you for longer.

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