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“The pace of scientific discovery is way ahead of public awareness – our aim is to make this science accessible to everyone”

- Dr Nichola Conlon

Our Mission

Ageing is a biological process that effects everyone. It steals our looks, our health and eventually our independence. Until recently this was believed to be an inevitable process, but in the last couple of years it has been scientifically demonstrated that ageing can in fact be slowed and even reversed. At Nuchido we are experts in the science of ageing. Our mission is to translate this science into products for you to use right now to extend your healthspan so you can stay being you for longer.

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Our Vision

We want to create a world where healthspan is as long as lifespan. A world where people do not spend a large proportion of their later life in poor health. Instead they live independently, in good health, continuing to live a lifestyle they enjoy.

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At Nuchido we work alongside world leading scientists in the field of ageing research


CEO & Co-founder

Nichola is a molecular biologist specialising in the study of ageing as a biologically complex disorder. She received her PhD in Physiology from Newcastle University, home to the largest institute for ageing research in Europe.

Nichola took her specific expertise in the molecular biology of drug transport and distribution in the body to e-Therapeutics plc, the network pharmacology pioneers, where she worked in early stage drug discovery. She has worked in industry identifying opportunities for new drug development and is also a trained Cosmetic Scientist.

Nichola founded Nuchido with the aim of translating recent scientific breakthroughs into interventions to improve healthspan in people, recognising that, whilst great progress has been made in treating the diseases that ageing potentiates, a focus now must be to reduce the burden of these diseases as we live longer lives.


Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Tom Kirkwood was Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean for Ageing at Newcastle University and is one of the most influential biogerontologists of our time.

Educated in biology and mathematics at Cambridge and Oxford universities, his pioneering research has focussed on understanding why ageing exists, the genetic factors associated with longevity and using systems biology to unravel the complexity of the mechanisms underpinning ageing.

Tom is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences and a Senior Investigator of the UK National Institute for Health Research. He was European President (Biology) of the International Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology and Specialist Adviser to the UK House of Lords Science & Technology Select Committee inquiry into ‘Ageing: Scientific Aspects'

Tom has published more than 300 scientific papers and won several international prizes for his research. He is a frequent contributor to television, radio and press discussion of scientific issues. His books include the award-winning ‘Time of Our Lives: The Science of Human Ageing', ‘Chance, Development and Ageing' (with Caleb Finch) and ‘The End of Age' based on his BBC Reith Lectures in 2001.

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