Slow cellular aging with Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy & NAD+

Recent studies have shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) targets several of the 'Hallmarks of Aging' to improve cellular health. This article will detail how HBOT works to slow aging at a cellular level and how you can enhance the benefits with the NAD+ supplement Nuchido TIME+.


HBOT increases oxygen in your cells

The aim of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is to introduce pure oxygen into your cells to promote cellular repair. During the treatment you lie in a pressurized chamber that is filled with 100% pure oxygen. This is a much higher concentration of oxygen than is in the air we breathe, which is only around 21% oxygen.

While in the chamber the air pressure will increase gradually, this allows your body to absorb more of the oxygen into your blood and then deposit it in your cells. This is termed HYPEROXIA – when the cells have high levels of oxygen.

When you leave the chamber after around one hour and return to normal pressure and oxygen levels your body perceives this as a shortage of oxygen, even though there isn’t. This is termed HYPOXIA – a deficit of oxygen.

This activates stress response pathways, encouraging repair and regeneration of your cells.


HBOT slows cellular aging

HBOT has a variety of whole-body benefits including:

  • Increased blood flow and circulation – via blood is how all our tissues receive nutrients and healing factors
  • Reduced skin aging (by reducing inflammatory pathways that degrade the structure of the skin)
  • Increased collagen and elastin production
  • Promotion of wound healing
  • Removal of harmful bacteria
  • Improved cognitive function

Recent studies have shown that HBOT is an effective tool to slow cellular aging. The physical signs and symptoms of aging we see, and feel are caused by changes at a cellular level. Research has identified 12 key cellular changes termed the ‘Hallmarks of Aging’ which drive the aging process. Therefore, finding tools to reverse these Hallmarks of aging is of interest. HBOT has emerged as a treatment to tackle some of these hallmarks.   


  • Loss of telomeres – Telomeres are the protective caps on the end of your DNA, (think of them like the ends of your shoelaces) which are known to become shorter and shorter during aging. When they become too short it signifies that the cell has become too old to function correctly and should be removed. Therefore, maintaining telomeres is very important. Recent studies have shown that HBOT increases telomeres.
  • Increased senescent cells – When cells are damaged beyond repair or become to old to function properly they enter a state called cellular senescence. This means they still exist in the body but are no longer replicating or functioning. They are often referred to as zombie cells. During aging the number of senescent cells increases and this prevents organs functioning correctly, accelerates aging and increases inflammation. HBOT has been shown to reduce the number of senescent cells in the body.
  • Stem cell exhaustion – Stem cells are the bodies building blocks, replenishing damaged and old cells in response to injury. During aging stem cells accumulate damage and lose their ability to self-renew, contributing to the decline in the body’s ability to repair and regenerate itself. HBOT stimulates stem cells to promote regeneration of tissues.
  • Increase inflammation – Inflammation is a part of the immune response and is important during wound repair. However, during aging the immune system becomes dysfunctional and produces inflammation constantly, not just when it is needed. Excessive levels of inflammation cause damage to tissues and accelerates aging further. Another key benefit of HBOT is its ability to reduce levels of inflammation.


NAD+ targets all the Hallmarks of Aging

NAD+ is such an exciting molecule because it has such a wide range of functions and therefore NAD+ restoration has a variety of benefits. NAD+ is one of the only molecules to positively impact all the Hallmarks of Aging. NAD+ also powers the repair and rejuvenation pathways activated by HBOT.

Nuchido TIME+ is an NAD+ boosting supplement clinically proven to increase NAD+ levels, activate healthy aging pathways, reduce inflammation and reverse biological age. Therefore, boosting your NAD+ levels with Nuchido TIME+ before and after HBOT can maximize the anti-aging benefits.

By slowing the root causes of aging at a cellular level not just at the surface NAD+ restoration and HBOT improve cellular health, to help you feel your best.