How to choose a supplement that works

Supplements can be a very valuable tool in optimizing your health, but with so many supplements available it is important to choose those which will benefit your cellular health. These are our top tips for choosing an NAD+ supplement that actually works.


Fix the root cause of the problem

Many people start taking a supplement to address a deficiency they have. NAD+ is known to decline by ~50% every 20 years therefore, most people can benefit from increasing their NAD+ levels. When choosing a supplement to boost your NAD+ it is important to choose a product which addresses the root cause of the problem. If you don’t you are simply putting a plaster on the issue and potentially causing further cellular damage.

At Nuchido our scientists understand the reasons why NAD+ declines and Nuchido TIME+ works to fix these issues. It is not as simple as putting more NAD+ into the cell. This is because NAD+ declines due to two main reasons:

  1. A decline in NAD+ production – the Salvage Pathway is the largest source of cellular NAD+. This pathway works to recycle the breakdown product (NAM) left behind when NAD+ is used and convert it back into fresh NAD+, that can be used again. 
  2. An increase in NAD+ consumption – During aging levels of inflammatory molecules (CD38) are known to increase, these molecules waste large quantities of NAD+ and exert dominance over other beneficial NAD+ consumers such as the sirtuins. This leaves critical cellular repair pathways without sufficient NAD+.


The ingredients in Nuchido TIME+ have been included in our formulation as they target both of these problems, restoring the cells’ youthful ability to make and recycle NAD+ and prevent its wastage by inflammatory molecules. Ensuring your cells have a sufficient supply of NAD+ and that NAD+ can be used for critical cellular maintenance and repair.


Choose products that have been tested in human clinical trials

Did you know there is no legal requirement to test a supplement before selling it? Conducting clinical trials is a very expensive and time-consuming process, which is why many companies do not conduct human clinical trials on their products. Some companies do conduct testing but on cells and animals, not in people. Or they may test individual ingredients in the product and not the final formulation.

At Nuchido everything we do is rooted in science, that is why we conducted a randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled crossover clinical trial on the Nuchido TIME+ dietary supplement. Participants were male and female, aged 20-80 years old.


The results of our study showed that Nuchido TIME+:

  • significantly increases cellular NAD+ after only 7 days
  • Unlike NR or NMN it works by switching back on youthful cellular NAD+ production by reactivating (NAMPT) a key enzyme in the Salvage Pathway
  • Increases the longevity protein SIRT1, a downstream target of NAD+
  • reduces inflammatory cytokines indicating that NAD+ is being directed towards beneficial processes rather than inflammatory CD38
  • reduces biomarkers of glycation
  • reverses biological age


Ensure the product is bioavailable 

A problem with many supplements is that they are not bioavailable. This means that the product does not survive digestion in the stomach or is not absorbed in the gut, so they never make it to your cells where they are needed. When choosing any supplement it is important to select those which have ingredients in a bioavailable format so they can have the desired effect at a cellular level and not just in the blood. 

Many companies will publish data that they increased NAD+ levels in the blood, but for NAD+ to have the desired benefits it needs to be in the cells. NAD+ is a large molecule so cannot easily enter cells from the blood, which is why our bodies have extensive NAD+ production pathways inside the cell. In our clinical study we measured NAD+ levels within cells and our results showed that Nuchido TIME+ increased cellular NAD+ levels within just 7 days.


We hope these tips help you when buying supplements so you can support your cellular health.