Why boost NAD+ to improve your immunity?

When a virus infects your body, it must enter your cells in order to survive. This is because viruses cannot replicate on their own, and need to hijack your cellular machinery to make copies of themselves. Once sufficient copies have been made, infected cells burst and new copies of the virus are released to infect neighbouring cells. 

Fortunately, our bodies have evolved a system that allows infected cells to alert the immune system that they are under attack. They do this by displaying fragments of the virus on their cell surface, which act as warning flags to alert the body that they are infected. This allows circulating immune cells in the blood to recognise infected cells and take action to remove them. This process is called the “Innate Immune System” and it is the body’s first line of defence against viral infection.  

Research shows that low NAD+ levels may lead to impairment of the Innate Immune System as you age. This is because NAD+ is fundamental to the activity of a group of proteins known as the “sirtuins” and the sirtuins contribute to proper function of the innate immune response (Lugrin et al. 2013). Increased activation of the sirtuins has been shown to prevent viral replication, whilst decreased activity of sirtuins encourages viral infections to progress (Koyuncu et al. 2014).

Restoring your cellular NAD+ levels and sirtuin activity may therefore be a good way to boost your immune system and protect yourself from viral infections. As far as we know, Nuchido TIME+ is the most effective way to restore NAD+.


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