What does NAD+ mean?

NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It's a natural molecule found within every living cell of your body. When you are young your body naturally makes high levels of NAD+ but as you age these levels can fall by 50% every 20 years. We depend upon NAD+ to convert the nutrients in our food into the energy we need to survive. NAD+ also promotes the repair of damaged DNA and activates a wide range of essential biological activities that keep our cells in good working order. Boosting NAD+ back to youthful levels is a good thing to do.



Why boost NAD+?

Scientists have demonstrated that boosting NAD+ back to the high levels people enjoy when they're young will rejuvenate old cells back to a state of youth. This leads to multiple beneficial effects against ageing. Scientific studies have demonstrated that increasing cellular NAD+ in elderly mice resulted in the repair of DNA damage to the point where the tissues of elderly mice were comparable to those of juvenile mice. A growing body of scientific research now suggests one of the best ways to combat ageing is to maintain high levels of NAD+ because it plays a key role in:


· Boosting cellular energy throughout your body

· Activating longevity genes

· Increasing DNA self-repair

· Maintaining mental sharpness

· Restoring muscle strength and stamina

· Governing the rhythm of sleep/ wake cycles

· Protecting your liver


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