Nuchido TIME+ is a Breakthrough NAD+ Booster

A growing body of scientific research now suggests one of the best ways to combat ageing is to maintain high levels of NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide). It's a natural molecule found within every living cell of our bodies and we depend upon it to convert the nutrients from our food into the energy we need to survive.

Over recent years supplements containing precursor substances like NR and NMN have hit the market aiming to boost NAD+. In a prior article we discussed the limited ability of these precursors to boost NAD+ back to effective youthful levels, along with a scientific explanation for why this is so.

In outline, trying to boost NAD+ in mature cells with high doses of NR or NMN precursor is like trying to boost production in an old car factory. Trucking more raw steel through the factory gate will never increase the output of new cars when the machines are worn out, the production line is under staffed and most of the raw material is, quite literally, ‘leaking’ back out.

Scientific tests have demonstrated that bigger doses of NR or NMN precursor do not deliver significantly higher levels of NAD+, which is a disappointment (Trammell et al. 2016). To fix this problem Nuchido’s scientific team has pioneered a new approach to boosting NAD+ that doesn't need NR or NMN precursors to achieve compelling results.


Nuchido uses an approach called Systems Pharmacology to boost NAD+, which reflects the scientific insight that biological systems tend to be a mix of complex molecular pathways and processes. NAD+ biology is no exception to this rule, which means boosting NAD+ to effective ‘rejuvenation’ levels requires a multi-targeted or ‘system-wide’ approach. Precursor supplementation with NR and NMN is certainly not multi-targeted, meaning it doesn’t address the multiple issues that cause NAD+ to decline with age.

Nuchido's scientific team lead the world in identifying the right combination of targets to boost cellular NAD+ to youthful levels. This expertise has developed a new generation of NAD+ boosting supplement called Nuchido TIME+ that represents a breakthrough in effectiveness.

Nuchido TIME+ doesn't use NR or NMN precursors to boost NAD+. Instead it contains a patented combination of molecules derived from natural ingredients to correct salvage pathway issues that underly NAD+ decline in older cells. This formulation targets multiple cellular pathways involved in the production and consumption of NAD+ that become disregulated with age. Nuchido TIME+ restores old and inefficient NAD+ salvage pathways and enables older cells to resume higher levels of natural NAD+ production and recycling.

By using this multi-targeted approach Nuchido's scientists have achieved NAD+ enhancement in humans 4 times greater on average than anything reported by the current generation of supplements containing NR and NMN precursor. Only when we boost NAD+ by this magnitude do ageing cells get the amount of NAD+ they really need to generate energy, repair DNA and activate longevity pathways that are crucial for health in later life.

Nuchido TIME+ represents a more efficient approach to boosting NAD+ that doesn't need NR or NMN precursors to achieve compelling results. It’s time to put precursors on one side and focus instead upon restoring the efficiency of our own cells to produce NAD+. Nuchido TIME+ does exactly that.


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